Sleep Trainer

Sleep Trainer

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A patent-pending, sleep-training lamp that lights up in cells through the night like a progress bar for rest.

For the child who doesn't read numbers and can't yet tell time, he's asking two fundamental questions about rest: why is it important and when is it over?

When we as parents dismiss those questions or fail to credibly answer, bedtime starts to feel like a punishment.

Instead, this unique battery-shaped lamp serves to help a parent and child make meaningful, positive connections around the reason we all rest--it's to recharge when we're out of juice! Sleep isn't punishment, it's a powerup!

Once we believably answer why rest is important, we can help them with when. At the start of nap or night time, the bottom cell softly lights up indicating low on charge. Through the nap or night, each next cell fades up in sequence, showing progress to the child. At the appointed wake time, the final, fifth cell illuminates indicating the child is ready to rise!

The benefits for you are less hassle at bedtime, more predictability in your morning routine, uninterrupted time to yourself during afternoon naps, and a well-rested child ready to take on the day.