What's in the box?

One sleep-training lamp and one no-hassle charging pad with USB charging cord.

Quick Setup... (App setup steps 5-8)

  1. Plug the charging pad into a USB port for power and place the lamp on the charging pad. The charging indicator light on the lamp will softly blink red to indicate the lamp is properly charging.
  2. Use your smartphone to locate and download the "Sleep Trainer by Kidstible" app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Open the "Sleep Trainer by Kidstible" app and notice the alert requesting access to Bluetooth.
  4. The app requires use of your device's Bluetooth. You will need to "Allow" access. If Bluetooth is off, navigate to your device's settings and turn Bluetooth on. The lamp connects via Low-Energy Bluetooth.
  5. In the app, you now see the Menu page. Tap "My Devices". Then tap "Add New Device".
  6. Name your new lamp by tapping into the Name Field. Your device's keyboard will pop up. We recommend putting your child's first name or a nickname. Tap Return on the keyboard to save the name.
  7. You should now see the device you added on the "My Devices" screen. Tap the new device. Then tap the big "Connect" button. You will be directed to your device's main function screen where you set wake times. But before you can set wake times and turn the lamp on, you need to connect to it!
  8. Tap the icon in the top right corner to connect to your new lamp via Bluetooth. All the Bluetooth capable devices in range will pop up in a list with long strings of numbers and letters. Locate the lamp by matching your lamp's Bluetooth ID number (you will find the number on the bottom of your sleep trainer lamp) to the matching ID in the list of devices found on your phone. For instance, if the number on the bottom of your lamp is 281, you will select the Bluetooth device that says "Kidstible-000281".
  9. You are now back on the main function screen, this time the icon in the top right corner will be blue. The Bluetooth indicator on your lamp should also be softly glowing blue to indicate a successful connection.
  10. Start using the app and lamp to train your toddler!

What's the difference between Nap and Night modes?

Nap mode is used for durations of time, like 1 hour and 30 minutes. Night mode is for specific wake times, like 7:30 AM.

How can I change the colors of the lamp?

After you select a time or duration in the app, press Start. You will notice the lamp turns on and the app now reflects the wake time or duration you selected. Click the light bulb icon in the lower right corner to adjust the colors. You have two options, one-color and two-color mode. The app defaults to one-color mode (the cells in the lamp are either on or off, and the cells that are on will be the color you select).

By tapping the second gray swatch and then tapping anywhere in the color wheel, you can operate the lamp in two-color mode (all cells are always on, each cell is either color 1 or color 2). Be aware, two-color mode drains the battery more quickly, especially when both colors are set on the slider below the color wheel to maximum brightness.

What does "Demo" do in the app?

When connected to a lamp via Bluetooth, Demo mode quickly simulates the battery-shaped lamp "filling up with energy" from start to finish to help you show your child what to expect during nap or night time.

How do I set routines?

First, make sure your smartphone device is connected to your lamp via Bluetooth. Look for the glowing, blue Bluetooth indicator on your lamp to confirm. In the app, tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner. Tap "My Devices". Then tap the appropriate lamp you wish to select. Tap "Go to Routines" and add a new routine from this screen. In Routines, you can select start times, wake times, and when the lamp finally turns off. You can also pre-select the colors for each routine. You can turn routines on or off at any time, or delete routines. However, the app won't allow you to edit, turn on/off, or delete routines unless your phone is connected to the lamp (if your device wasn't connected to the lamp when you turned off a routine, the lamp wouldn't get the message).

What's the small, black button for on the bottom of the lamp?

The button is a quick-start / off button. Pressing it once will turn the lamp on to the last sleep setting the lamp completed. For instance, if the last time you used the app to turn on the lamp you had set the lamp for a 7 AM wake time, and the lamp completed the sleep program until 7 AM, the lamp remembers that wake time and it becomes a sort of default. The button is child-proof. Pressing it turns the lamp on to the default wake time. Once the lamp is on, pressing the button repeatedly won't do anything (the lamp is like a freight train that can't be stopped--but it's a train headed to sleepyville). Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to turn the lamp off at any time. Trust us, your toddler doesn't have the patience to press any buttons for 5 seconds (I take that back--he'll press your buttons all day!)